• Local ride – approx. 10 – 20 €
  • Dubrovnik airport – 50 €
  • Cavtat – 50 €
  • City panorama – 70 € per hour
  • Budva – 270 €
  • Kotor – 250 €
  • Border Karasovici (Montenegro) –  80 €
  • Tivat airport – 200 €
  • Podgorica airport – 280 €
  • Neum- 130 €
  • Mostar – 260 €
  • Međugorje – 250 €
  • Sarajevo – 400 €
  • Ston – 95 €
  • Slano – 75 €
  • Orebić – 220 €
  • Split – 320 €
  • Makarska – 250 €
  • Plitvice – 650 €

Kotor, a Unesco-protected town, surrounded by mountains and the sea, represents a perfect mix of Baroque, Venetian, and Austrian architecture, is a stunning medieval city located right at the base of the Bay of Kotor. This old coastal Montenegrin city with remarkable scenic views is characterized by its authentic Old Town: A maze of cobbled streets, narrow lanes, stone churches, and orange-roofed houses encased in a fortification wall and set against a backdrop of towering mountains.

Price: 250- 280 €


Mostar has always managed to captivate its visitors a unique experience of mixing cultures of East and West. It is situated on the Neretva River, which separates and connects two sides of the city separated by the Old Bridge, a world-famous symbol of the city, which with mosques, Turkish houses, and other closely eastern sights makes Mostar a destination everyone will remember. See the old Turkish bridge that’s a symbol of the city and explore the old bazaar, Take a walk around the old town, take beautiful pictures, buy some souvenirs and taste some of the traditional specialties.

Price: 270 – 300 €


Međugorje is one of the most famous Roman Catholic pilgrimage spots in the world, a special place visited by pilgrims in search of the spirituality and serenity that exists here. The central place in Medjugorje is the parish church of St James, the patron saint of pilgrims. It is surrounded by a huge open space intended for the gatherings of people in prayer, with an exterior altar and large parking. In the parish church, there are daily masses held in numerous national languages. Nearby, there is Apparition Hill, a very special place for pilgrims. Visit the famous pilgrimage site, where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to local children.

Price: 250 – 280 €

Pelješac Wine Route

A short drive from Dubrovnik lies the Peljesac peninsula, cloaked in vineyards that rise from the sea creating a dramatic scenery and famed for its mussel and oyster farms. Besides its gastronomic offering, Peljesac offers beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches and historic towns making it a wonderful place for a road trip to remember.

Price: 200 – 250 €


The beautiful Korcula island in Croatia is one of the absolute travel highlights of the country. here, on the approximately 48 kilometers long “green island”, one can enjoy unbelievably beautiful dream beaches and a multiplicity of amazing things to do. the jewel of the island is undoubtedly Korcula town, a cluster of remarkable Venetian-gothic architecture on a narrow peninsula. Unique are also the various mediterranean landscapes, characterized by vineyards and hundred-year-old olive trees, the small mountain villages and the many lonely natural bays. the touristic offer with excellent restaurants, delicious wine and many good accommodations ultimately makes a vacation on Korcula perfect

Price: 250 – 280 €

Krka National Park

The national park is a vast and primarily unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. The series of waterfalls at Krka is a beautiful backdrop to the turquoise water below. The Krka National Park in Croatia has 7 waterfalls that you can admire. This is the only Croatian national park that you can swim at! One of the fun things to do in Krka National Park is taking a boat over to the small island of Visovac, which was settled in 1445 by Franciscan monks and has a monastery with a library and preserved artifacts.

Price: 400 €